Mexico 1997, Patto and Julie found a new international Street Circus, the CiRco LoCo. On the road for the past decade, we find them as Circus Artists, Argentine Tango Dancers, Knife Thrower and Tribal Belly Dancer.

CIRCO LOCO: Corporated and Special Events, Festivals and Street Performing

Last Appearances

2015 Fête de l’Halloween, La Pocatière, Québec, Canada

2015 Waterloo Busker Carnival, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

2015 International  Dundas Buskerfest, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

2014.-Toronto Buskerfest, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2014.-Port credit Buskerfest, Port credit, Ontario, Canada

2013.-Inter-Play Festival, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

2013.-Buskers on the Boardwalk, St-John, New-Brunswick, Canada

2013.-Concerts de la Cité, Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

2013.-Dundas International Buskerfest, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

2012.- Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2011.- Mood Indigo Festival, Mumbaï, India

2011.- Waterloo Busker Carnival, Waterloo, Canada

2011- MAP’s Festival, Québec, Canada

2010.- Street Artists Festival, Vevey, Switzerland

2009.- Bayside Market Place, Miami, Florida, USA. (4 months Show series presented for 4 years.-Also Performed in 2008.2006.2003)

2009.- Ocean Dr. and Lincoln Rd., South Miami Beach, Florida, USA. (3 months Show series presented for 2 years.-Also Performed in 2008)

2009.- ArtDeco Weekend, South Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

2008.- Quebec City 400th Anniversary, Old-Quebec, Canada.

2008.- Cabaret Event at Dream Night Club, Le Cabaret du Chat Noir, South Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

2008.- Old-Quebec, Qc, Canada. (3 months Show series presented for 8 years.-Also Performed in 2007.2006.2005.2004.2003.2002.2001)

2007.- Quebec National Holiday Fest, St-Eustache, Qc, Canada.

2007.- Tele-Mundo Company Cabaret Event, Miami, Florida, USA.

2006.- Annual Christmas Broadway Fest, Queens, New York, USA. (1 month Performance series presented for 7 years; Also in 2005.2004.2003.2002.2000.1999)

2006.- La Luna Caballera’s Circus, N.-D. Du Rosaire’s Yesterday’s Color Fest , Qc, Canada.

2003.- Savannah pier, Georgia, USA.

2003.- RedLand Rennaissance Fair, Homestead, FLorida, USA.

2003.- Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, Key West, Florida, USA. (3 months Show series presented for 2 years.-Also Performed in 2001)

2002.- World’s Street Performers Fest, Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada.

2002.- Acton Vale Agriculture’s Fair, Acton Vale, Qc, Canada.

2002.- Becancour’s Hot-Air Balloon Festival, Becancour, Qc, Canada.

2002.- Old-Wharf Fest, Sept-îles, Qc, Canada.

2002.- Delisle’s Gourmand Fest, Alma, Qc, Canada.

2002.- Canada Day Fest, Val-D’Or, Qc, Canada.

2002.- Quebec National Holiday Fest, Chicoutimi, Qc, Canada.

2002.- Montreal Enlight Festival, Mtl, Qc, Canada.

2001.- Cap de la Madeleine’s Street Performers Festival, Qc, Canada.

2001.- Cascades Canada Inc. Event, Qc, Canada.

2001.- Montreal Island’s Gourmand Fest, Qc, Canada.

2001.- Quebec Summer Festival, Québec, Canada. (Show presented for 3 years.-Also Performed in 2000.1999)

2001.- Montreal International Jazz Festival, Qc, Canada. (Show presented for 2 years.-Also Performed in 2000)

2001.- Quebec’s Government Promotional Event “Québec-On-Hudson Tour”, New York State, USA.

2001.- Old-Port of Montreal, Qc, Canada. (3 month Show series presented for 2 years.-Also Performed in 2000

2001.- Canada Day Fest, Ottawa, Ont, Canada. (Show presented for 3 years.-Also Performed in 2000.1999)

2001.- Quebec National Holiday Fest, Montréal, Qc, Canada. (Show presented for 2 years.-Also Performed in 2000)

2000.- Montreal Working Holiday Fest, Vieux-Montréal, Qc, Canada.

2000.- Just for Laugh Festival Cabaret, Montréal, Qc, Canada.

1999.- St-Sauveur, Qc, Canada. 1999.- Just for Laugh Festival, Qc, Canada.

1999.- Quebec National Holiday Fest, Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada.

1999.- Varennes City Fest, Qc, Canada.


Salsa, Roberto Arrenales Jr, Longueuil, Canada.-2013
Burlesque, Mlle Oui Oui Encore, Montréal, Canada.-2013
Popping, Studio Montréal-Paris, Mecdy”Venom”, Montréal, Canada.-2013
Contemporary Jazz, Simonson technique, Liisa Saario, Montréal, Canada.-2013
Classical Ballet, Diane Rivest/Annick Taillon, Montréal, Canada.-2012-2013
Tribal Fusion, Jill Parker, Québec, Canada.-2012
Classical Ballet, Annick Taillon Academy, Montréal, Canada.-2010
Jazz Ballet, Broadway Academy, Ste-Marie, Canada.-2010
Dark Fusion Tribal Bellydance, Asharah, Québec, Canada.-2010
Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Moria Chappell, Québec, Canada.-2010
Tribal Fusion, Kami Liddle, Montréal, Canada.-2010
Turkish Roman Fusion, Elizabeth Strong, Québec, Canada.-2010
Realist Theater, Charles Mayer, Montréal, Canada.-2010
Bozenka’s Bellydance Academy, Miami Beach, Fl USA. – 2008 – 2006.
Ray Sullivan’ Modern Dance School, Miami Beach, Fl USA. – 2008 – 2006 – 2003.
Miami City Ballet,  Miami, USA. – 2008 – 2006 – 2003.
Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Ann -Tango Argentino Seminario, Bs.As. Argentina. – 2007 – 2005.
Capoïera Naçao Dance School Mestre DiAlabama, South Beach Miami, Fl USA. – 2006.
Escuela Argentina de Tango y Escuela Carlos Coppello, Bs.As. Argentina. – 2005.
Buenos Aires Circus School Circo Criollo, Bs.As. Argentina. – 2005.
Québec’s Circus School, Québec Canada. – 2004.
Otto Heisenheimer Theater Academy, Montréal, Canada. – 2001.
Trapeze School Le Noeud D’Erseau, Montréal, Canada. – 2000.
Casa Payaso’s Circus School, Santiago, Chile. – 1999.